My name is Cat, Cat Mac to many, and I am a Scottish Highlander, currently making life’s journey in the British capital, London.

I’m proud to be a Scot and I’m proud to hold a British passport. But how much of my own nation and country do I actually know? I’m ashamed to say, very little. I love to travel but in recent years, my focus has been on far-flung countries: teaching in the south of Japan; winter weddings in remote parts of India; long-anticipated reunions across the USA, to name but a few jollies. That’s why in 2016, I’m dedicating my year of travel to discovering my own country + Ireland = the British Isles.

To be honest, though, this isn’t some sort of weird punishment I’m inflicting on myself. I’ve always wanted to road-trip across Ireland; island hopping on the west coast of Scotland has always been on my bucket list; and who doesn’t want to hear real Welsh people speak real Welsh in the flesh? I love you too, England. This is my opportunity and time to live some of these long-held dreams.

So no, I’m not going to walk the length of the UK, nor do I plan to visit 500 islands.

This year is just about me enjoying the here, the now, and the place I call home.


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